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I hope you are well.  I finally got to get out and put some fur in the crosshairs!!  That break you installed has made a hell of a difference, thanks again for the great work.  Glassed this buck up on day one, got to 475 yards and let him have it!  Hope you have a good holiday.


Jeff Urban


Dear BestShot LLC, 
I want to thank you for being such an amazing sponsor and for doing such great gun work. Jesse took my brand new EMF Pony Express Colt 45 revolvers and did an action job on it so I could shoot black powder blanks for Cowboy Mounted Shooting. I started shooting in November of 2011, and in the month of February, I competed in the US CMSA Winter Championships in Buckeye, Arizona. The shoot consisted of five stages, throughout three days, February 3rd-5th. This shoot was only my third competition and my horses second. I was competing against some of the top mounted shooters in the country, who have traveled hundred of miles to shoot and win. I, a ladies level one, won my class at my first major shoot, being my first and major win. I was the only one in my class, to shoot all five stages clean and had two fast times. My guns were in perfect condition by the end of the five rounds of shooting black powder blank ammo. I could not have done this well, without the love, support and gun work from Jesse Smith, owner of BestShot LLC. He has taken my guns and modified them so they are easier for me to use, and has kept them in the best shape possible. If I ever have a problem, Jesse is only a phone call away and helps me right then. He asks me, “How soon can you be here?”, and then, “I will have them done tomorrow.” Who else do you know, that can clean, fix, or modify a pair of guns that fast and do such great work!? Jesse, I thank you so much for all that you have done for me, and I appreciate all the work you have put into my guns. And my guns will continue to work perfect, because BestShot takes care of my guns. Shoot with “BestShot” style!



Emily Nelsen

Ladies Champion- Level 1
Cowboy Mounted Shooters Association


You bet it is ok!!! You are 5 star in my book Jessie. 
I am going to have to drop by and pick up some more cards. I pined some to the bulletin board of the Ace Hardware in Parker AZ and put some up over in Ehrenberg too. I also gave cards to my uncle and my son in-law. 

Thanks again Jessie and you haven't seen the last

of me I have got some other guns that need a bit of

your tender loving care.

Attached is the target showing just how good this

rifle shoots. That is a 20 round group that was shot

at 25 yards.



Dear Jesse,

Sorry again for the late reply on our hunt, but man was it a hunt! I prayed for the best Safari set up for my son Austin for his first dangerous game hunt, and my prayers were answered with our stay at Martin Peiters Omay Concession. Austin could not have made me any prouder than watching him deal with his professional hunter and staff. He made one shot kills on every animal he harvested! He used my 470 NE double rifle and my Ruger 375 H&H. I killed my buffalo with my Flynn custom 416 Rigby, and used the Ruger 30/06 you mounted the scope on. As usual my friend....the re-loads from your company "Best Shot" worked perfectly! No issues on four different rifles and four different calibers. The range of cartridges from Elephant to Bushbuck.... hunting in the Jesse (thicket) in mid May. Boy was it hot! Anyway, thanks again friend for helping me get ready for a trip of a lifetime.

Best Regards,

Don Parks Jr


Dear Jesse,

Sorry it's taken me so long to write and send photo's of my trip to Mozambique and then to Zimbabwe. I must tell you that your reloads worked without fail in some of the most miserable climate imaginable! Aghh, the jesse (thicket) in early April Zimbabwe for Elephant and Cape Buffalo was HOT & HUMID, so taxing on me and my rifles, but man that .470NE ammunition (at 20 yards mind you) killed my 60 pounder! I shot the buffalo at 35 yards head on with a solid out of my Tolley double rifle as well, and broke his neck. I also killed a nice Waterbuck Bull and a beautiful male Hyena with the same .375H&H loads you built for my hunt for Hippo & Crocodile in Mozambique the year before. You remember the less than one inch groups we were getting at the range before I departed for Africa? Well even with the travel, riding on the racks in the Land Rovers, the guys handling the guns etc. all equipment never failed me. I want to thank you for a job well done Bro. Let's hook up for dinner soon. "

Don Parks Jr.


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